About the group

The real estate group provides most sales/purchase brokerage services for all types of real estate. While our primary service is still a traditional brokerage split we constantly strive to develop new models. We bring backgrounds from both the private and public sectors, and so we are not tied to the arcane routines of the real estate establishment. Our success comes from getting ideas outside of real estate. Our vlog provides everything that we do free of charge to anyone. Developing trust in the modern world requires and open and useful dialog.  We understand that in a way that the secretive industry does not.

Associate Broker

douglas Harris

Doug Harris is an associate broker with Virtual Properties Realty. Doug has a BSEd and a MEd from the University of Georgia as well as an AAS from Lanier Tech. He focuses on real estate trends at the township and county level. Additionally Doug is a firefighter engineer and EMT for the local fire department. He is a talented and hard working broker who never stops trying to bring a big picture understanding to his clients.

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848 Jesse Jewell Pkwy, Gainesville, GA 30501

(770) 540-4245


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